The Prestige


Chun mentioned the intriguing trailer for The Prestige.

The PrestigeChristopher Nolan directing.
Christian Bale!, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johannson, Michael Caine!
Cameos by Ricky Jay & David Bowie!!!

I’m literally jumping up and down on my seat right now. I can’t help it; my expectations are set so high for this movie.

Update: Seems like the movie is an adaptation of a novel by Christopher Priest. Since there are a lot of warnings about plot twists and surprises, I think I’m going to see the movie first and then read the book.

Interestingly, I haven’t really considered the three phases of a trick — the pledge, the turn, and the prestige — to be like acts in a play. I wonder if there’s a similar Freitag’s pyramid for an entire routine.

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