Chef Boyardee had a recent post looking for a new small business idea.

I’ve been daydreaming about a particular restaurant concept off and one for a year or so now.

The idea for it actually came from one of those small group icebreakers. One popular way to quickly introduce everybody in a small group is to have everyone take turns answering a silly, profound, or personal question. Well, this particular question was: If you had the opportunity to start your own restaurant, what would be the concept of your restaurant? Brilliant question, you know, because each person can decide how far to take it beyond the basic “favorite food” aspect.

And when it came to my turn, I had a really inspired answer. My place would be a hipster takeout joint, specializing in creative interpretations of Asian street food. There would be an ever-evolving and rotating menu of street food with a gourmet twist. You know: dumplings, pad thai, pho, falafel, ragda patties, samosas, dok buk gee, jip poh… but with a little Iron Chef inspiration.

I imagine a small, cramped place, maybe just enough room for one or two small tables, filled with bright colorful kitsch. Anime and mech dolls. Crazy Asian snacks. Bubble tea. J-punk, K-pop, and Bollywood filmi music on the speakers. Precious and raw at the same time: an atmosphere that gives you the flavor of a true Asian cosmopolis – Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Mumbai, Beijing.

I envision it to be an inconspicuous place with real reasonable prices, but surprising, outstanding quality. A dynamic place where you never know what to expect, where your palate will be constantly challenged, a place where you have to go every week just to see what’s new. A place with strong flavors delicately balanced off each other. A place with an electric energy awesomely and efficiently managed.

An interstitial place where the entire diversity of a neighborhood could flow through and bump into each other. Where east meets west, rich meets poor, hip meets square, and guys meet girls.

What else would I call it? Kung-fusion.

Kung Fu Cooking 01 by Girla Obscura

Somebody take this idea and make it happen. I’d love to eat there.


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