The New Buffalo Wing King


I don’t know why but this summer was the opposite of the last. Whereas last summer, we hardly ate at all, grazing on fresh refreshing fruit, this summer we’re taking out and eating out a whole lot. My “diet” is going down the tanks.

So anyways, Dana spotted a Bobby Chez on Haddonfield-Berlin Rd. so we decided to drop in and grab a jumbo lump crabcake. We love their crabcake for several reasons: 1) It’s delicious 2) It’s huge 3) It’s got no mayonnaise (another thing Dana despises) or much filler of any other kind besides the crab.

Now, technically, I’m allergic to crab, which is awful considering I’m from Maryland, the blue crab capital of the world. However, I’ve never really had a problem with crab cakes, and since eating Bobby Chez’s jumbo lump I think I have to reconsider whether I’m still allergic at all. I mean the thing is practically nothing but crab meat.

As it so happens, right next door to Bobby Chez is a place called Buffalo King. Now Dana and I, we love our chicken wings. We normally frequent a place called Mr. Chicken in the Art Museum area. It features traditional, unbreaded buffalo wings with a simple hot sauce. Really good if you like it that way, which Dana does.

Myself, I like the breaded kind with special sauces. Done properly they taste sweeter and, more importantly, hotter. My favorite wing place was Cluck-U’s at the University of Maryland in College Park. Cluck-U is a national franchise, but I find the quality varies from store to store.

So we ordered 25 “smokers” from Buffalo King. The guy behind the counter looked at us incredulously. He asked if we’ve ever had them before. We shrugged; besides the “Thermonuclear” option at Cluck-U’s (which Dana hadn’t experienced), neither of us have really been cowed by the vaunted spiciness of buffalo wings. But after five or so smokers, we had to take a pause. Dana actually got some soy milk to recover. I was ecstatic.

Once again, Dana does prefer the more vinegary, traditional buffalo wing (although she said Buffalo King did grow on her), but if you’re like me, and you like deep-fried, breaded wings muy muy muy caliente, you’ve got to give this place a try.


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