Fair Warning


Tomorrow is another day by bobbi & bobbi

If I just shake your hand and say, “And how
Are you?,” as if I had a practiced face
Of courteous insouciance, I would be
All right. A good supporting actor says
His lines and then he gets the hell out — wag
And wave, exchange the lines and then subside,
And with nirvana’s patience, wait. Who knows?
For being good the continents may drift
Right back to fit — a perfect match, for sure.
Or if the world is ever fair, you’ll swoon
In secret, awed by my tamed power and
My virtues humbly hid away, and we
Would close like drawstrings over Pandora’s Hope.
But let’s face it: the bugger got away
A long, long time ago and now consorts
With his rough brothers. I’ll take my chances
And hew a faster way. So here’s fair warning:
That though I’ll try to keep civil, expect
Burrs, lures, snags and long shots from me; any
Less, then I’m not really trying at all.

[Ech. Proof that I was a putz in college.]

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