Wash Out


It was good meeting our good friends, the Schantzes, out on Rittenhouse Square for the opera last night. Their daughter, Caleigh, is adorable — and enormous. I’m sure she’ll grow to be a basketball star like her mom.

We found a good spot, chatted, ate through our picnic. The sound-check was taken through its paces, the dignitaries were introduced and thanked, everything was ready to go… and it started raining.

We quickly said our good-byes and Dana and I rushed off to the nearby Barnes & Noble to wait out the passing storm. It was there that it was clear to me that I was, and had been, in an evil mood. It wasn’t the rain; it wasn’t the disappointed plans — the last few days have just had a cloud over them, and Dana — bless her — had to take the brunt of my crankiness. I would rate my mood at a C- right now.

Well, hey, it’s the summer, right? I figured I’d ditch my productivity plans for this weekend, head out with Dana to see my in-laws, and try to shake this malaise. Last night we watched Mission Impossible 3, which was fun and exhilarating, but about as shallow as can be. In other words, perfect at the time.

Today, I think I’m going to play some mini-golf.

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