I Heart NoLib BB


My neighborhood has a pretty strong existence on the web. There’s the official web site of the community — northernliberties.org — which has general announcements, links to media mentions and press releases, and a pretty comprehensive list of stores and businesses. It’s actually updated on a pretty regular basis, which is fortunate given the amount of change and development going on around here.

Then there’s the community bulletin board. Oh man. This is where it’s at. This is the most lively neighborhood forum I’ve ever been at. It’s truly a great example of what a vital community on the Internet is like: it’s snarky, it’s gossipy, it’s informative, it’s timely, it’s influential, it’s impassioned, it’s opinionated, it’s fun fun fun. One can pick through the threads for hours.

I found word of the local creative writing group there. I got a recommendation for a good plumber there. I was able to survey some of the political infighting and lines that have been drawn over critical neighborhood issues there (detailed in some very entertaining flame wars). I’ve gotten a sense of some of alpha-personalities in the neighborhood. It’s awesome.

Here’s one post that’s a good demonstration of the vibrancy of this forum. There’s a new restaurant on 3rd & Girard called Bussola Trattoria and Lounge. I’ve seen it but never went in (I had a somewhat disappointing experience with the previous incarnation of the place).

The owner of the establishment posts an announcement that there’s an Open Mic night on Tuesdays at 9 pm. Equipment is provided, yadda yadda yadda. Sounds like a fun night; I should go check it out sometime.

Someone suggests a karaoke night. Ooh, I would love to have a place to do karaoke near me. Others say the same.

Someone tips off the original poster that most open mics are posted on acousticphilly.com, which has become a hub for the regular open mic set. (Apparently there’s a real troubadour community in Philly). Aha, did not know that — something to bookmark.

The original post mentioned a gelato martini, and someone inquires what that is.

A Gelato Martini is simply a scoop of one of our various flavors of gelato covered in liquor and/or liqeur mixtures. For example, one of our more popular gelato martinis is the Mocha Blossom. It contains Stoli Ohranj and coffee liqeur shaken over ice and poured over a scoop of deep chocolate gelato, served with a float of grand Marnier and garnished with an orange twist. The cocktails actually get even better once the gelato starts to melt and begins blending itself with the liquor.

Yum. I’ve got to pencil in a Tuesday night this summer.

See? Now that is a community forum at work.

Now, there’s another community bulletin board up an running: northernliberties.us. It just got started. It has more features, it looks nicer, it’s more official, but it’s pretty dead right now because the community hasn’t really transferred over yet. It’ll be interesting to see how well it takes or not. What’s nice about the new forum, though, is that you can generate a feed for it (something I requested, and got implemented right away — kudos!).

I’ve also jiggered a feed to the original bulletin board through Feedyes.com, but it takes a while to update, and you often find out about new threads a day late. You’re also only notified about new threads, not follow-ups to already mentioned threads. Still, it’s better than nothing I suppose. Here it is: http://www.feedyes.com/feedshow.php?f=5ur64iiRE3y61MXd

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