Trader Joe Burger


Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores.

  1. It sells good food products.
  2. It’s very reasonably priced.
  3. It’s comfortably sized with limited stock so I don’t feel overwhelmed by choices.
  4. Its staff has always been polite and friendly to me.
  5. And last but not least, it’s always replenishing it’s selections with intriguing and exotic items.

I forgot to mention that I like their flowers and cards, too, and I find their mail-order catalog charming.

Last night I bought a two-pack of frozen burger patties from Trader Joe’s. Burger patties filled with blue cheese and bacon is hard for me to turn down.

The tricky thing about doing burgers in my house is that my wife is Anti-Condiment Lady. She hates ketchup, mustard, wasabi, barbecue sauce, whatever. She likes hot sauce; hot sauce is an exception, but everything else: fuggedaboutit. I, on the other hand, love condiments. I’ve lost a lot of kisses because of this fundamental tension in our marriage.

So here’s what I just did: I added a little liquid smoke to the patty as it was thawing out (acceptable). I then fried it up (I don’t have a grill yet – rich people help me out here) to medium rare perfection and added it to a toasted whole-wheat hamburger bun. Red onions, lettuce.

And THEN – here’s the genius part – I made a second complimentary veggie burger. Chipotle hummus + sweet corn salsa. Red onions, lettuce. Practically everything came from Trader Joe’s.

You take a bite of the first burger, which is a little salty because of the blue cheese, savor, swallow, and then you take a bite out of the second, which is fresh and sweet. It was a perfect combo and one that I’m immensely proud of because I improvised it all by my lonesome. It was like a muse was singing in my ear.

I’m going to have to update this post with pictures tomorrow, when I make it again.

Trader Joe Burger

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