Recurring Dream


This morning I woke up from a dream that I’ve had similar versions of all throughout my life. It’s the getting-lost-at-school or not-being-prepared-for-a-test dream. Last night’s incarnation involved registering for the first day of high school and finding out that there was some problem with the paperwork and (of course) not being prepared for class. The school seemed to derive mostly from my own high school, but I noticed that it’s staff included people that I work with now.

It’s too early in the summer to be having this dream. I usually don’t wake up in cold sweats like this until August.

I have another recurring dream, one that I haven’t had in a while though. It usually involves being in some sort of yard sale or library or store and finding a particular commodity of desire. A book or product that I feel like I’ve wanted and searched for all my life or one that promises the answers to all my problems. The only problem is I can’t acquire it. It’s not for sale, or I don’t have the money, or it’s too far up out of my reach. I usually spend the rest of my dream plotting how I can steal it or sneak it out, worrying about getting caught or wondering whether what’s the right thing to do. I’m also usually paranoid about somebody else noticing the existence of this product. If it’s a book sometimes I actually find myself on the cusp of reading this book with all the answers and the wake up.

What about you, dear reader? Care to share any recurring dreams?

You could also psychoanalyze mine, but that’s too easy.


2 thoughts on “Recurring Dream

  1. I routinely have that not-being-prepared-for-a-test dream. Most recently it involved me potentially not passing a HS science class because of an exam. I’ve also had school dreams where I’ve forgotten to go to class for weeks and then have to take a final that I’ll never pass. These catastrophic dreams are always about math or science classes. Go figure. 😉


  2. My recent dream was of a chemistry class, I think. I’ve also had dreams of English classes, though — usually having the face the dreaded essay question.

    Another recurring dream: teaching a class and having to discipline a student, one of the most unsavory aspects of my job.


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