I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately about 1) personal loss, 2) computer backups, and 3) parenting.

It all came together with this post by Asymptomatic: In Case of My Untimely Demise.

I’m not sure if Presbyterians normally have godparents, but I’d certainly like to formally (and legally) designate one once I have children. It would almost certainly have to be my brother or my wife’s sister.

At the time of this post, neither are married or have children of their own — I don’t even think they’d be my first choice to babysit — but I can’t think of anyone else who would take up the responsibility of raising my children if Dana and I were to perish with more seriousness and dedication. I have absolute trust in their loyalty and love.

My brother is the Mouse to my Easy Rawlins, the Captain Jack to my Will Turner. He’s the scene-stealing agent provocateur who I would, nevertheless, entrust with my life — or the life of my kids. I’m sure that as a colorful uncle he’d encourage all kinds of hellraising, but I’m equally sure that he’d be a caring and solicitous father.

I know I’m lucky. Not everyone can claim this within their family or friends. But everyone ought to be able to.

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