Don’t Forget Father’s Day!!!


I literally got twenty messages from my mother, brother, and grandmother to not forget to call my dad for Father’s Day.

Not that I blame them — I almost always forget holidays and birthdays.

But geeze, guys, I have a wife now — all nagging responsibilities now go to her!

Anyhoo, a brilliant idea occurred to me in the parking lot of Rite-Aid as we were trying to think of what to say in Dana’s Dad’s Father’s Day card:

Why don’t they make blank greeting cards that have little inserts suggesting what you can write in them?

I mean, you go looking for the perfect card, but then you have nothing to say because the card says it all. But then you feel lame just putting in a superficial “Ditto” with your signature. So make a line of cards with nothing written in them — just a separate insert that tells you exactly what to say. You copy, you sign, you profit.

Just remember you heard it here first. Now go ahead and make a million dollars.


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