Bloomsday 2006


One of the benefits of Bloomsday is that you get to wander around the Rosenbach for free. One of the more interesting (to me) exhibits was a DVD of a performance called Potable Joyce, which makes Ulysses accessible to children — encouraging them to adapt a myth for their own.

I was also digging those puppet sculptures of Stephen, Molly, and Leopold. Incidentally, the gentleman in the straw hat is Michael Barsanti, the associate director of the Rosenbach and the guy who was holding court for Bloomsday 101.


As Barsanti suggested in Bloomsday 101, if you only get to see one thing in Bloomsday, you’ve got to come at the end, at around 6:00. That way you’ll catch David & Daniel Simpson read the closing of the Ithaca chapter (in Braille).

The Simpson twins (Ithaca)

…and then you can see Drucie McDaniel completely inhabit Molly Bloom in an astonishing 30-minute performance of Penelope to end it all.


See more Bloomsday photos from around the world.

bloomsday, james joyce, ulysses, rosenbach

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