American Gelato


Ever since Dana and I went to Rome for our honeymoon, we’ve been utterly ruined concerning gelato. Nothing in America comes close to the vibrancy of flavors and the delicate texture of what we had in Italy. And yet we can’t stop trying to recapture that experience, like heroin addicts pursuing the virginal high.

That said, Capogiro isn’t too shabby. And it’s impressive that their flavors aren’t generic — they’re seasonal. It’s kind of a little too pretentious and upscale, but hey, who just admitted to being a gelato snob here?

Dana and I shared a cup of strawberry (“Fragola con Dragoncello”), dark chocolate (“Cioccolato Scuro”), and chocolate with hazelnuts (“Bacio”). A great combination, by the way. Dana’s eager to try the honeysuckle flavor.

Water ice is a cheaper alternative to slaking the summer cravings, and I haven’t yet gotten around to posting about my favorite water ice in the Delaware Valley: Diane’s in South Jersey.


ice cream, gelato, philly, capogiro

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