Last night I went to Fergie’s Pub to attend Bloomsday 101. Let me tell ya, it was well attended…

fergie's pub

Sorry for the blurry camera phone photo. I haven’t yet gotten bold about taking pictures for the blog, nor have I gotten good at taking pictures surreptitiously for the blog.

It was worth it. It’s been years since I last read Ulysses, and now I remember why it was such an important and fascinating book. It was the grail of a book that I wanted to write myself while I was in high school (T.S. Eliot was a hero of mine). And then I went to college and discovered postmodernism, and now I just sit in front of this blog all day. Sigh.

I’m all psyched now to attend Bloomsday, although it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to stay for the whole thing. Bummer.

Incidentally, Chris Lydon’s radio show (and podcast) Open Source is celebrating Blogsday:

Taking as our model Bloomsday, Dublin’s very real June 16, 1904 in which James Joyce’s set his very fictional Ulysses, we took a look at one day of the blogosphere, in our case Tuesday, June 14, 2005. We gathered an hour’s worth of blog posts — about Britney Spears, buying a car, coming home from Iraq, about a night at a barbecue joint — and read them on air.

We’re doing it again.

Open Source is a great show, as anyone who used to listen to Connections with Lydon in Boston would have guessed. Highly recommended.


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