People to See, Places to Go


I’m actually going to have a life the next few days. Come and join me!

What?! You’ve never read James Joyce’s Ulysses?! Or, if you’re like me, you read it and loved it but never celebrated Bloomsday?! Seven hours of Joyce in the Rosenbach Museum at 20th and Delancey (between Pine and Spruce). I’m also going to try to make Bloomsday 101 at Fergie’s Pub (1214 Sansom). It looks like Marty Moss-Coane is slated to read at around 5 pm. (Hey, I subscribe to the Radiotimes podcast).

[Update: Thursday night – watch the NBA finals with some buds. Can’t believe I forgot about that.]

Hey, if the Rosenbach had wifi, I could live blog the whole thing! It would be like passing notes in the longest seminar ever!

After the final stream-of-consciousness freakout, I’ll be heading over to my Korean Language Meetup in South Philly.

The day after — Saturday — comes a bevy of blogging blather. Yes, that’s right — it’s that time of month again. It’s the Philadelphia WordPress and Bloggers Meetup combination at the Ten Stone. This month I really will stride in like

“… a cowboy, on a steel horse I r-i-i-i-de…”

Just for singing that right now I ought to be “wanted… dead or ali-i-i-ve.”

Okay, I’m going to stop. Maybe this Saturday — if I’m good — the street genii will drop another appliance in my lap.

2 thoughts on “People to See, Places to Go

  1. I’m considering heading over to the blogger meetup. Have you been before? Not sure exactly what my weekend plans are (other than this student’s art opening at some point on Saturday), but I’d like to get over to Ten Stone.


  2. Come! Come! I’ve been to the last two meetings and it’s a good group of people. Conversations have ranged from pure bullshit to shared blogging experiences to real technical questions.


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