Summer Lent


I’ve decided that I’m going to take a fast from TV and music this summer. Not an easy thing to do for me, but one that I really feel is necessary. Let’s face it, certain passions of mine are really anesthetics, and they’re diverting time and energy from other things that have higher priority and urgency.

I guess I want to take advantage of the fact that summer gives me the freedom to be a martinet.

Oh, some clarifications about this fast. The TV fast is pretty self-explanatory: no TV. The occasional movie is fine; I’m not going to be ignoring Netflix or Superman this summer.

Music is a little more complicated. I’ll actually be listening to music; I just won’t be actively collecting new music. So I’ll be closing up my mp3 blog folder, shutting down streaming radio stations, and not bothering to keep up with the news and trends.

Instead, I’ll spend a lot more time revisiting the collection I’ve racked up over the years. Indeed, I’m even toying around with the idea of posting samples of it here from time to time.

I’ll still be listening to non-music podcasts: talk shows, sermons, that sort of thing.

No, nothing I want from you. Just announcing my intentions to the world.

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One thought on “Summer Lent

  1. I could definitely survive a TV fast, but music would be nearly impossible. What really diverts time and energy away from other things for me would be the ‘net…


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