Forbidden Donut


Normally summertime is when I moderate my appetite and shed a few pounds (who has the energy to eat a multi-course meal in steaming 90 degree weather?) but now that I’m officially on a “diet” I’m eating out more than ever. Fortunately, the place we were going to get cupcakes from today was closed. I had a sensible and scrumptious plate of pad thai instead. Unfortunately, I followed that up with a plate of pound cake and ice cream.

And it seems that everybody is blogging about food. Mere Cat wrote about his experience at Famous Dave’s, eventually recommending the Smoked Joint and Sweet Lucy’s as non-chain alternatives. Apartment 2024 made my mouth water with her breakfast lox and bagel memory. Only Partially Insane posted a Watermelon Salad recipe. And Blankbaby posted pics of some morbidly delicious-looking cupcakes.

I swear it’s a conspiracy. I thought you people were supposed to be helping me! O blogosphere, you tease and tease.

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