The Weigh-In


So I joined Colin’s diet support effort. I guess I can tack this onto my summer resolutions.

Today’s the initial weigh-in. This morning I was a relatively svelte 170.5 lbs. But that was naked, after a shower and a dump. And now, having gorged on three 9-inch pizza slices with everything on top, I just weighed in at 173.5 lbs. This is not a good start.

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5 thoughts on “The Weigh-In

  1. You’re supposed to weight before you eat anything and after your bathroom stuff. The pizza doesn’t count when it’s just sitting in your tummy. It only counts if you eat like that every day and gain actual body fat from that.


  2. Is that a threat or a promise Colin?

    I must admit that those pizza slices sound damn tasty right now. Good luck in reaching your weight loss goals during this little “challenge”.


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