Switch Bitch


I went to my local Apple store only to have found it has been flushed clean of the Macbook I want. The guy there helpfully suggested that a new Apple Store in Freehold, NJ is having their grand opening tomorrow at 10 am. Cha-ching!

Apple Opening at Freehold Raceway Mall

It’s a big change, but I’m ready to switch. I’ve had enough of the hacking and coaxing I’ve had to do with PCs all my life. It was fun while it lasted but I’m ready to scale back to something simple and elegant. Something I’ll feel less tempted to tweak and fuss with all the time. Funny, it feels a lot like my switch to wordpress.com.

[Note from the Opening: The store was due to open at 10 am. I knew Mac fanatics were going to camp out, so I headed down to the car as soon as I was conscious. I got there at 8:10, and there were 20 people ahead of me. At 9:00 there were at least another 30 behind me. By the time the store opened, I would guess that the line was 200 deep. BTW, I was customer #1.]

So here’s the plan:

Buy Now

  • Macbook: 2.0 GHz, 60 gig version — I can finally have my own computer at school.
  • iWork: Keynote and Pages have given me enough reason to stay Microsoft-free for a while.
  • Filemaker Pro: I missed the memo a while back that Filemaker had matched MS Access in power and surpassed it in ease of use. Time to give databases another go.
  • FileFinder: Catalog all the stuff I’ve accumulated on CDs and DVDs.
  • Speed Download: A better download manager
  • Super Duper: Back that thang up (free for basic backups, pay and register for scheduling and other advanced features)
  • VoodooPad: Organize all my info in a wiki

Necessary Free Downloads


Consider Buying Later

Any other suggestions/recommendations?

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One thought on “Switch Bitch

  1. Welcome to the cult… umm I mean family!

    One app I would add is TextWrangler, a great free text editor (when Pages is overkill). It is from the people who make BBEdit, which doesn’t suck.

    NetNewsWire Lite is a good way to see if you like NNW enough to buy the full app (though I know the developer, and not only is the app great but he is a good guy).

    You might also want to check out MarsEdit or Ecto (both blog posting apps).

    Oh, and one last one: Camino. It is Firefox, only more Mac like (and what I am using right now on my MacBook to leave this comment).

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me, since I know a thing or two about these Macs.


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