I Slog Into The Meetup With a Discarded Breadmaker Like a Crazy Bag Lady


Or: An Exercise in Verb Tense:

I started off feverishly reading through like 20 blogs so that I don’t seem like a cad at the monthly WordPress and Philly Blogger meetups.

Ate breakfast at the computer. Cereal. Soy milk was fine. No spillage.

I noticed I received… mother of miracles! A comment! From someone I know! Bless you, Leah, check is in the mail. But what was this? Doubt about the Bianchi Volpe? I sat in silence, disturbed.

On my walk over to the train station on Spring Garden, I stopped by Rite-Aid. A friend had recently pointed out that I have flat feet, and so I bought a pair of Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts (three-point comfort blah blah blah). I was pleased to see that they actually made walking and standing more comfortable. I felt ready to walk the hell out of the city.

Took Septa to the southwest corner of Center City. Got confused by the trolley transfer and had to pay another token. Missed the 22nd Street stop, and so I had to backtrack on the trolley again from 30th Street.

I walked over to Bicycle Therapy, where I found John. He eyeballed me, asked my height, and suggested I try out a 55″ bike, which I couldn’t do because they didn’t have one fully assembled. So John put in a build order for the 55 and set me up to test ride the 52 in the meantime. It was awkward. It was apparent I hadn’t ridden in quite a while, and I didn’t exactly handle my test ride with panache. After I wobbled around a bit, though, I started to get the hang of it, and started to really enjoy the bike. It felt slick and light but sturdy and reliable. I liked it, but now that I’m waiting for the higher build, I might wait a bit more and try out some other bikes and shops.

As I pondered this, I noticed that somebody left several items out on their front steps. One of the items looks like a rice cooker, which made me do a double-take because didn’t I just talk to some folks who wanted a rice cooker? Wasn’t it Jonny and Laura? The rice cooker turned out actually to be a breadmaker, and it had a note attached screaming, “FREE! Take me, please!”

I walked down to the end of the block and stopped. Do we already have a breadmaker? If not, would Dana want a used breadmaker? Why would someone give away their breadmaker? Would it work? Would it make poisonous bread? If it doesn’t work, why leave it out front with a note urging someone to take it? Why not just leave it out on the curb for trash pick-up sans note?

I walked back to the house. I looked around me, feeling self-conscious. I sighed and picked up the breadmaker. Why not?

With breadmaker in tow, I trudged from South Street to Rittenhouse Square. Funny thing about me: while I’m normally extraordinarily self-conscious, once I’ve resigned myself to look like a fool, I’m pretty resigned to it. So I ignored all the stares and strode into Barnes & Noble to browse some books and buy three copies of Annie Lamott’s Bird by Bird as a gift to the students who were elected to receive this year’s Middle School Writing Awards. On my way back to South Street, I passed by a sixth grader from my school, who looked mortified to have recognized me, or perhaps, to have herself been recognized by me.

2:00. I slogged into the Meetup with a discarded breadmaker like a crazed bag lady. I stayed for the duration of the Meetup, though, and had a good time:

  • Snooble was, as per last week, there early. She proudly showed us that she and her Harry Potter Meetup group got a nice write-up in the City Paper
  • Blankbaby made us all uncomfortable by insisting that he film us all for his videoblog. But all was forgiven when he brought me up to speed on the Macbook. Jobs, I am ready to give you my money now.
  • Asymptomatic gave me some advice on MU and the use of WordPress as a CMS. He even shared some of the inside frustration with the current development of WordPress.
  • Mofro led an impassioned rant on corporate benightedness regarding intellectual property..
  • Even Prospero came by to chat with me on some issues about the Big Blog Rollout.

TalkJunkie generously gave me a ride home. Thanks, Dave, and I hope your long trek home was safe and filled with eventful talk radio moments.

Drove to the Apple Store in Marlton to restore my iPod — and lust after the new Macbooks.

Caught up on Top Chef and Iron Chef.

Five fingers, five toes intact. I’m still without a bike but now one breadmaker and functional iPod richer. Pretty good day.

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