I Roll in Style to My Meetup


Okay, sorry, for that long hiatus. It’s the home stretch of school, and I’ve been going through a little stress-funk. I’m not sure it’s over, but I’m praying to pull myself together.

Anyhoo, busy, busy day today. I’m starting off this morning, feverishly reading through like 20 blogs so that I don’t seem like a cad at today’s monthly WordPress and Philly Blogger meetups.

Type in some notes for some future blog entries (I have like 25 drafts lined up by now). Which is ridiculous. Maybe I’ll just flush out a bunch in the next few days. Whatta ya think? Is it gonna be too much to be hit by five or six entries per day for this weekend? You think it might be better to leak them out slowly in a strict reader-friendly schedule? I’m kind of going through a semi-manic phase right now, and I wonder if I should just take advantage of it before I head to the dark side of the moon.

Eat breakfast. Cereal. Worried that soy milk might go bad sometime soon. In fact, let me go get some now. Hmmm. Maybe not a good idea to balance cereal bowl while clicking and typing. What the hell.

Take Septa to the southwest corner of Center City. Won’t be able to drive because I intend on biking back, and Dana went to Jersey last night to see her nieces.

Yes, I said biking back. My big birthday present this year: a brand-new Bianchi Volpe. An integral part of the Summer Resolutions of 2006 (more on this later). In case I don’t get to this later, I should say that if you’re looking for your own set of wheels, I highly recommend talking to John at Bicycle Therapy. Dude’s great.

2:00. I roll in style to the Meetups at the Ten Stone. I come prepared to chin-wag:

Bike home. Pant, putter, pout. Take a shower. Realize I need my better half.

Drive to Jersey to watch TV. Or grade.

At least that’s the plan. Watch me end up in a hospital somewhere.

wordpress meetup

4 thoughts on “I Roll in Style to My Meetup

  1. I like the Bianchi Volpe, and the guys at Bicycle Therapy were pretty great as well. I used to live near there so it was one of the first places I went when I was looking for a new bike. But the more I looked, the more people kept recommending Specialized. And then the guys up at Keswick Cycle in Glenside just turned out to be so great and helpful…not to mention that I fell in love with the bicycle… Well, I just had to get it.

    I also had my first little accident the other night. I was coming home from a long ride on Kelly Drive, and hit the cobblestones + railroad track combo up in Northern Liberties. My new tires are much thinner than the Mountain Bike that I’ve been riding so I just took a serious tumble. It totally sucked. Agh! But thankfully neither the bike, nor myself were hurt.

    Anyhoooo….I hate it that I’m going to be missing the Blogger Meetup today at 2pm. Tell everyone I said hi!


  2. Ooooh. And in my neighborhood! Sorry.

    I nearly had several accidents on my little test run myself — it’s been a while since I’ve gotten in the saddle.

    The Specialized, huh? Hmmmm…. Maybe I should look into this.


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