Prayer Works


Recently, Dana and I spent the Easter weekend at my folks’ place in Potomac, MD. These things are always tricky: Dana and I don’t have the best relationship with my folks (particularly my Mom), there’s leftover drama from family history, and there’s usually something going on with my brother, as well. And this particular weekend promised to have some extra turns in the screw over some things I really shouldn’t go into here, but enough that I anticipated a big bad blowout to happen at some point or another.

It was tense even on the ride down. There were some misunderstandings; Dana was snippy, I was sullen, and then vice versa. It was then that I remembered the Lai’s, one of the couples in our Bible study. Before they went on their annual trip to Chun’s family, they asked us to pray on their behalf in anticipation of the spiritual difficulties they would face. I was impressed that they saw these trips as a kind of short-term mission — an opportunity to be ambassadors of God to their family.

Taking a cue from them, Dana and I prayed for our trip in the car. Immediately, the atmosphere lightened. I felt renewed in purpose and bolstered in the knowledge that we weren’t going into this alone, but as representatives of God’s purpose. Dana and I made up to each other and we reflected a bit on all we’ve learned these past few weeks in Bible study.

The weekend was nothing short of miraculous. My mom seemed unusually chipper, almost as if she had forgotten all the stuff that had been bothering her before. The weekend not only went quickly, but pleasantly. We went to McLean Bible Church on Sunday (that could be the subject of another post), and had a nice lunch as a family in Far East.

Easter lunch at Far East

Big deal, right? It’s not like I raised the dead or anything. Any unbeliever reading this post have probably already rolled their eyes and went, “Pshaw.” As we left, my brother attributed the good fortune of the weekend to our cunning: “Good strategy in coming late on Saturday. Can’t do it all the time, but it certainly worked out all right for you this time.”

But I know better. That weekend made me genuinely praise God and the power of His resurrection.

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One thought on “Prayer Works

  1. Prayer is good stuff.

    My parents and I spent the last week praying that my sister’s missing cat would return home. He wandered back yesterday morning.


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