Scaffolding knowledge vs. Experiential knowledge


David Weinberger liveblogged a popular panel hosted by the Milken Institute entitled: “Blogs, Wikis, MMORPGs, and YASNS: Shaking Up Traditional Education.” A good guideline for some of the issues we ought to hash out for the big blog rollout.

Here’s something in that post that caught my eye:

Doug: Scaffolding knowledge is different than experiential knowledge. Some ways are not taught well in an exploratory fashion.

This is, I think, an important distinction to make at the very outset. I think we must be mindful as we saddle up to ride these new technologies into the vast pedagogical frontiers, that they expand, but do not necessarily replace, the educational possibilities we have. There’s always the temptation to turn our tools into ideologies.

I expect that even though I want to add in blogging to my 7th grade class next year, 80% of what I’ll do will remain the same. I’ll still be lecturing, I’ll still be giving reading quizzes and unit tests, I’ll still be scaffolding learning in a very structured way. But I also expect the blogging will nudge things, and change the class ecology in ways I won’t anticipate. At a rate like that, who knows? Maybe in a few years my classroom would have evolved into something unfamiliar.

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