Fashion Alert: Asian Emo-Mullets


Asian mullet
While eating dinner at Sang Kee last night, I could not help but noticing the recent ubiquity of Asian mullets. The entire wait staff looked like Billy Ray Cyrus.

There were two hip Korean kids in the table next to ours (certainly hipper than moi), and both dude and dudette were sporting arty trucker caps and spiky mullets. But somehow they had massaged, matted, and sculpted their mullets in such a way that they gave off this emo vibe.

Does anyone know about this? Is there now a trend of Japanime characters sporting neck-long coifs?

Scroll half-way down this page for an awesome example of an Asian mullet.
OMFG: This is even better. LA Chinatown, I salute you!
I was quite excited by this news article, until I realized it was a satire: China Blasts U.S. Over Mullet Epidemic
But now I’ve got to ask: Is ayishushu a real term?]

chinatown, hair, humor?

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