This is why I blog


Last Saturday, before heading off to D.C. for the Easter weekend, I had a burger at Ten Stone with the Philadelphia WordPress and Philadelphia Bloggers Meetups.

Lots of interesting people showed up, but, of course, I ceased to be interesting as soon as they all did. I’m a teacher; there’s got to be an extroverted streak in me — and I really love one-on-one conversations and small gatherings — but I’m a social retard in crowds.

Instead, I kept mulling over how Ten Stone seemed oblivious that they have a cash cow coming every month to graze in their restaurant. You would think that they would do more to encourage groups like us.

[I did briefly talk some shop to Colin Devroe, who’s a co-founder of the 9rules network and a partner in the web design company BusinessLogs. We have a thing coming up at my school, and we’re putting our feelers out for a consultant.]

Being as clammed up as I was, I didn’t take any pictures, but others did. Check out this flickr set by Philly Bloggers Meetup moderator Scott McNulty — a genuinely funny guy — and this one by photoblogger Ben Mason.

A word to Ben: You’re obviously a very talented photographer. But I must say, you have taken the most unflattering portrait of me of late:
Tom the Gargoyle

Thank you. I feel you now owe me a Guinness.

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