It’s a Boy!


I know it’s been a few days since I’ve updated. Please forgive: some weighty issues have arisen and I’ve been lumbering around like a morose hippopotamus. It hasn’t been pretty. But my ever mercurial mood seems to be swinging the other way now, and I have taken the fine weather of yesterday to be a propitious omen of the change of seasons — in life along with the annum.

As some of you know, I have been expecting for… gosh, it seems forever now. Some of you have been very kind to pishposh me when I have complained about my weight or distended middle. “Nonsense!” you’ve kindly said, “You look healthy and hale. I’ve never seen you more content.”

And I was — at least content, on some level. Although our growing sense of being now ever more a family had developed our sense of duty to more carefully monitor each other’s (my) diet and activity, I had never seriously constrained my cravings nor dissuade the hand-and-foot courtesies given to me. Let’s face it — I took advantage of these waxing days.

But I’ve secretly been scared. Scared of what all this was leading up to. I mean, I had, like, a person inside me! A person with all my faults, vanities, and grabbiness. A person whose avidity matched my own and would not seem hindered by the exhaustion and compromise of age. A person that, Lord knows, not the sum strength of my entire willpower would not be able to nurture and lead to virtue or even reform. And I was at such a low that I seldom had enough faith that everything could be left comfortably in the providence of God’s grace.

I had harrowing nightmares of a gargantuan demon-child consuming all my time and energy.

Praise God, though, I think I’ve slowly been graced with some peace and resolve. I can see the end of this marathon and the dawn of a new era in our little Kim clan. I am going to get off my pillowy heiny and get myself prepared — physically, mentally, for this ever encroaching showdown. And I know that in the end, that though I will be knackered beyond belief, I will also be filled with joy, pride, and gratitude.

I am, after all, overdue.


humor, diet, health


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