Where’s the steak?!


Chef Boyardee wrote:

Mmmm, do you have a husband or a boyfriend who hates to eat their veggies and winces at the sight of a hearty bowl of fresh salad? Just add sausages to it. Seriously. Go buy some turkey sausage (more healthy than the pork ones) and squeeze the sausage out of the casing into little bits onto a frying pan and cook it up. Pat the excess grease onto a napkin then sprinkle over a nice salad. The guy will eat it up, I guarantee.

Regrettably this does not always work. My longsuffering wife makes the most hearty, delectable salads — I once suggested she patent and bottle her improvised dressings for worldwide distribution — and yet I still hesitate to consider them a bona fide meal. Although I almost always have to admit that her salads are healthier and just as good as a cow in a field of corn set ablaze, Dana has to expend considerable energy, time, and ingenuity just to get me to consider something with more than 20% foliage.

So she’s pretty much given up on trying to sell me the rabbit diet and has now focused on merely getting me off the see-food diet. It maddens her to no end that no matter how perfectly sufficient and self-contained (and delicious!) her dishes are, I continue to suggest the inspired addition of a tin of Vienna sausages.
vienna sausages

food, dana


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