The Constant Gardener


The Constant Gardener

Dana and I missed church last Sunday, but ended up seeing The Constant Gardener the night before. Now the latter doesn’t excuse the former, but man, what a movie — it convicted me the way a good sermon would. Easily in my top five for its artistry and moral outrage. Ralph Fiennes gave a very nuanced performance of a tricky role to pull off; I don’t understand why he wasn’t in the contention for an Oscar. And anyone who saw the movie wouldn’t have tsked Rachel Weisz for a little sermonizing during her Oscar acceptance speech. Africa has indeed become the latrine for the “civilized” world, and this jeremiad should shame the multitude of meaningless mortifications we are proferring there as penance for our sins.

Think this doesn’t happen? Think again. Why do you think medical testing is so popular in India?

If you are looking to make a difference, pray for, fund, and support the real-life Tessa Quayle’s, looking to make a difference: medical missionaries like Scott Kim and Helen Tak.

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