Morbid Dana-ism


WARNING: What follows is somewhat morbidly funny. As many of her old friends know, Dana is not a very deliberate conversationalist, and so she’ll occasionally say a spoonerism, malapropism, yogi-ism, or straight up inappropriate comment. I’m a big fan of her Dana-isms, but this particular one, if you weren’t familiar with the tone of the exchange or the character of the speaker, might be construed as somewhat tasteless. Please try to take it in good faith and humor. If you can’t, I encourage you to buy a Tony Thomas t-shirt in protest.

The following takes place while eating chatting over cheese steaks at the U. Penn food court:

Me: “…Oh and $15 to buy a Tony Thomas t-shirt.”

Dana: “But he’s dead.”

Me: “…uh, the Leukemia Foundation.”

Dana: “Oh. Okay.”

dana-ism, humor

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