So every year for our 6th grade unit on poetry, we require the kids to memorize a poem and recite it. Before the kids go, however, they get a chance to see their teachers model this.

Last year I got a really great response to my recitation of Tennyson’s “Ulysses,” so, of course, this year I feel I have to up the ante. “Hmmm,” I tell myself, “I’ve always wanted to memorize The Raven. Why don’t I do that this year?… And why don’t I do it in synch to a rap beat!?”

And now here I am, about to face my own “midnight dreary.” Hell and damnation this is a long poem. With a lot of tongue-twisting alliteration. My tongue is scraped dry just trying to practice it.

Quoth the raven…

Corbeau - The Raven

poetry, edgar allan poe, raven, memory


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