Last Meal


Koreal meal

Dana’s folks treated Dana and I to a meal at Seoul Hanyang. It was a near flawless meal. It would be the meal I want to order were I on my last night on death row. Man, I could explound on personal relationship with each of these dishes in length. But I won’t, I’ll just list what I had. Please excuse my transliteration of Korean dishes, I’m sure they’re incorrect:

  • Poh-ri cha (barley grain tea)
  • Assorted pan-chan (gotta have kimchi, spinach, potatoes, bean sprouts, candied anchovies; I wish I also had zucchini and small black beans)
  • Bowls of keh-lan jigae (something between a quiche and an egg custard) and dwen-jang jigae
  • Pajun
  • Kalbi gui cooked over a bucket of hot coals (not gas) and served with lettuce, hot pepper, garlic, dwen-jang (and I should’ve asked for go-chu jang)
  • Sashimi (particularly fresh fatty salmon and tuna)
  • Shik-hye as a dessert drink

Trivia: according to this article, the Portuguese introduced chile to Korean cuisine in the 16th century. Obrigado, Portugal!

korea, food


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