Just Married: Doug & Kristine


“It’s wedding season!”

Dana and I went down to Virginia on Saturday to attend Kristine’s wedding.

Doug & Kristine Lee

The church was mammoth. Its no-nonsense warehouse architecture and blue roofs made it look like Best Buy from the outside. Dana estimated at least 250 guests, with more than half being friends of the parents. I was actually surprised that there weren’t more, since both Jhi and her family are very well connected and very good at keeping up relations. (I mean, we got invited for heaven’s sake!) It was a bit of a time warp for me, seeing people I hadn’t seen in years. There were two tasteful receptions (Korean & American). Doug & Kristine’s pastor from Highrock in Boston gave the sermon, Pastor Jamie gave the benediction, Pastor Caleb sang a special song. I mean, it was just quality, without being extravagant or ostentatious. My mom would have been so jealous: it was exactly the wedding she wanted for us.

Palo dado ni Dios lo quita. That’s for Maggie, whom I haven’t seen in years until the wedding. KJ, too. Neither of them looked like they have aged a day, and seeing them at my table at the reception brought me back to the good bad days, the wild wild days of KBC and NCFC. Maggie has worked at a community clinic in Silver Spring since residency, and KJ is teaching ESOL to elementary kids. I also saw Allen and his wife, Karen, who just exude an easy and amiable confidence.

I miss the memories, but I miss the people more.

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