Now there’s a fine young man


Joey Cheek
This is for Chun, who I know loves to hear a good sports backstory, especially one involving true virtue. Listen to this NPR segment interviewing Joey Cheek, U.S. gold-medal speed skater, who donated the winnings from his Olympic performance to an organization promoting child development through play — and he’s specifically earmarked that the funds go to Sudan. Next year he plans to speak on behalf of the organization in Zambia about AIDs prevention.

He’s only 26 and plans to go to college next year to study economics.

[Update: That organization is Right to Play. Mr. Cheek has apparently challenged his corporate sponsors to match that donation and a current total of over $300K is going to help children refugees in Chad and Darfur. He has a pretty sparse web site at at He lives in Utah — is he Mormon?]

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