Magazine Wishlist


So I just got a notice that my Make subscription is about to end. I’m going to miss it. Make deserves all the hoopla it’s getting; it’s a truly unique magazine that whose archives will be cherished by generations to come. It is our generation’s Popular Magazine, and in some respects, Sears Catalog.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d take this occasion to list the magazines I wish I could afford (in time and money) to read and receive regularly:

  • Zoetrope All-Story: Artsy but accessible short story magazine.
  • The Believer: Reviving the art of the essay. Also whimsical but substantial interviews with interesting cultural representatives.
  • Education Next: Education policies, pedagogies, and reform. Not only opinion, but research articles as well.
  • Harvard Business Review: I find there to be considerable overlap between teaching and managing.
  • Fast Company: More effusive than HBR: both good and bad.
  • Wired: Speaking of trend-spotting. Excites the geek in me.
  • Make: My inner wannabe geek and punk embrace and jump around in joy.

Oh, there’s others: New Yorker, Harper’s Review, etc. but I’m usually content reading their stuff online in small doses.

I won’t update this post, but here.

Any others you’d recommend? (Hint: I LOVE getting comments on posts. 😉 Except from spammers. :evil:)

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