To Kill a Mockingbird Creative Project


I’ve organized a flickr set of photos regarding my TKAM project. I’ll keep adding onto it as I get the files from my students.

For those of you who don’t know, my creative project for To Kill a Mockingbird involved assigning small groups of students key locations in the book (we have a geography theme this year). I also specify a location in the middle school where students are to re-create their setting using props, decorations, and costumes. Each group is to take at least three photographs depicting three important scenes that take place in that assigned locale. The photographs are to be accompanied by a written justification explaining what the photos are supposed to depict and how the details of their re-enactment were informed by specific references in the novel.

It turned out kind of messy, but other people seem impressed.

Atticus' speech

Note the good looking guy in the jury.

to kill a mockingbird, flickr, photo, project, penn charter


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